Help Tux end the fish tax!

Tux is just getting ready to go fishing when all of a sudden, he receives a message. The message states that his home, Icy Island, has been taken over by the Snow King, and a new Fish Tax will be imposed. Tux is furious! How dare the Snow King take away his fish?! Help Tux overthrow the Snow King and stop him from taking Tux's fish away!

ReTux is a free and open source action platformer loosely inspired by the Mario games. It utilizes the art assets from the SuperTux project, but is its own independent codebase and gameplay-wise has little in common with it outside of the Mario influence. The name "ReTux" is a play on the words "redux" and "Tux". Rather than a clone, ReTux is our vision of the direction we think SuperTux should have gone after Milestone 1.

If you would like to see that vision, download ReTux and give it a try!